Friday, April 24, 2009

Pirates, Skulls and crossbones, oh my!

I just saw the cutest pirate stamper over at, and its only $3.99. What a neat idea, my son and every other little boy, loves pirates, skulls and crossbones. Yesterday as we drove home from his baseball practice, he asked me to make him a necklace. Then he described the necklace, it was not what I had envisoned. I asked for a drawing, but haven't received anything, yet.

After clicking on the pirate stamper link, it took me to what I think, may become my favorite website, Perpetual Kid.
These gloves caught my eye and would be a cute Mother's Day gift or a cute hostess gift.

I could get this organizer for my mom because she hates to cook.But wait, she already said she wanted Amazon Gift Cards to feed her Kindle habit. If I don't get her the gift card, she'll disown me and adopt Beth.

I honor of all the cool moms who've become taxi drivers, this mug is a must! And when you need to jot down something that your kids are telling you while you're driving, here's something to put your notes on, talk to the hand sticky notes! Then file it in this total crap file folder! LOL.

I could get these for my brother's upcoming birthday, keytar key covers. My daughter would love these as well, but who am I kidding, she's 11. No need for these, any time in her future.

Can you guess? I am the perpetual kid!


Smart Mouth Broad said...

Thanks for sharing your find. My daughters and I are also perpetual kids. I think you've just found my new gift source. Shhhhh.

Gaston Studio said...

Hey, some great ideas here but don't ever give me those gloves; scary and reminds me of those two Englishwomen on Clean House!

P.S. I'm waiting, patiently, for my Amazon gift card to arrive.

Michel said...

Dude! I totally want that pirate stamp!! I NEED IT. We HAVE pirates here and I'm headed to port sudan just after mother's day!

I cannot show up without a pirate stamp. What would all my friends think!?!?

Thank you for this informational post!! I will order it post-haste!

PS the gloves are clearly too fancy for your mom. She told me she would prefer to have some plain kitchen gloves instead of that gift certificate.

Beth said...

Oh my gosh, the guitar covers are awesome! And I love the coffee mug, too!

I may hint to the kids about ordering these.

Thanks for the hints!

Gaston Studio said...

Don't listen to Michel; she knows not of what she speaks!