Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Days of Clearance Sale & Changes

It's been quite a while since I last posted.

No I haven't been contemplating "Lost" and the storyline. Yeah, right!
No, I haven't been in mourning because it's the final season of my favorite tv show "Lost".
No, its not because I've been covered in snow like the rest of the country.

It's because I'm experiencing life changes that are taking up a lot of my time. But, that's life. And it's constantly changing, right?

In the meantime, go shop for great bargains on
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Monday, February 01, 2010

This can't be the end!

I know this is the final season of my favorite tv show, the only tv show I truly can't miss, the only tv show I care about, and there are a hell of a lot of tv shows. But generally, I could care less about watching tv unless its "Lost".

Here are some of the many, many reasons why:

Sawyer - Need I say more? Oh, and he's from Georgia.
Jack - Stop drinking and make an honest woman of Kate.
Kate - You belong with Jack. Juliet needs Sawyer.
Hurley - Dude, love you man!
Charlie - Hurley misses you, dude, and so do I.
Sayid - He's very resourceful.
Locke - Mostly felt sorry for him, except now, he creeps me out.
Claire - I want Charlie to come back, find and marry Claire and raise Aaron.
Sun - She and Jin deserve happiness. Earned my respect after she stood up to her father.
Jin - He's so sweet, loves Sun and learned to speak English.
Desmond - See you in another life, brother! As long as Penny's with you.
Ben - OMG, he is the creepiest of them all. I try to feel sorry for him, but no can do.
Frank - No, you're not going to Guam.
Miles - When's he's not communicating with the dead, he's pretty darn funny!
Richard - Just tell us how old you are!

Smoke monsters, polar bears, spooky cabins, dead people, lots of dead people... what a ride!