Thursday, April 16, 2009

I was tagged!

Two days ago I was tagged on Gaston Studio's blog to play the 8 tag game. This was a lot of fun and quite interesting when I read back over my responses. Join in if you're game!

8 things I'm looking forward to:
  1. Completing my taxes now that I filed the extension.
  2. Finishing my new studio!
  3. School being out.
  4. Sleeping in a bit over the summer.
  5. "Lost" episode in 2 weeks.
  6. Going back to visit my mom and sister in NC. Last time was not long enough!
  7. the beach
  8. making new jewelry for Summer

8 things I did yesterday:
  1. Had coffee with Kim.
  2. Shopped for a new blouse for this weekend's party.
  3. Frantically tried to complete my taxes!
  4. Filed an extension for my taxes.
  5. Finally talked to Kirsten, it had been weeks, no months!
  6. Went to my son's baseball game and froze it was so cold.
  7. Vacuumed.
  8. Watched "Lost".

8 things I wish I could do:
  1. Make enough/steady money with my jewelry business so that my husband doesn't feel so stressed about money.
  2. Go back to Italy.
  3. Take my kids to Italy!
  4. Live at the beach year round.
  5. Twitch my nose (like Bewitched, and move my mom and sister's house only 4 hours away, instead of 8.
  6. Visit my family in Phoenix more than once a year.
  7. teach my dog Collins not to bark constantly at anything and everything he sees at the front door and/or windows.
  8. go on a girls trip for a week with a great group of my girlfriends

8 shows I watch:
  1. Lost
  2. Dancing with the Stars
  3. Castle
  4. Greys Anatomy
  5. The Weather Channel
  6. Oprah
  7. Whatever is on the Disney Channel (not by choice)
  8. Dog Whisperer

8 people I tag:
  1. Life in left field
  2. Blah Blah Blah
  3. The Furious Five
  4. Gorgeous and Green
  5. Ziggy's Blogs
  6. Miss Gina Designs
  7. Confessions of a Moody Mommy
  8. Be different...Act normal

Post your own answers to the questions in each category, including 8 people you want to tag.


Lorie said...

How fun! Thanks for tagging me!

8 things I'm looking forward to: Summer break, swimming, everyone getting over the flu, sleeping in, did I mention summer break? Can I mention it 3 more times?

8 things I did yesterday:

Everyone in my house (except me knock on wood) has the flu. So you do not want me to list the 8 things I did yesterday!

8 things I wish I could do:

fly, lose weight just by thinking about it, freeze time, make money grow on trees, find a cure for everything (including the flu), spend the entire summer at Disneyland, throw a party every day, build my dream house

8 shows I watch:

We don't really watch TV on the TV, but I do watch 24 and Heroes on the computer. And they are both really good this season! Oh and The Office! I love the Office!

Beth said...

Great list. Except the part about the taxes. That part depresses me.

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Great list Lorie, I love the 8 things you wish you could do. I have have to ditto all those except spending the entire summer at Disneyland. I'd rather be at the beach :).

Beth, the tax part depresses me as well. Haven't even looked at them since I filed the extension. Argh!