Monday, April 13, 2009

Invasion of my WAH space.

I love my husband, don't get me wrong, but he's been working from home way too much lately. I mean, come on, before spring break he was in the house most of the week. Doesn't someone need him at the office? He's probably more productive here with no interruptions and the peace and quiet. But now, my peace and quiet has been interrupted.

Not to mention he's taken over our sunroom,
setting up (what I hope to be) his temporary workspace. He has an enormous office downstairs (I will not embarrass him by posting a photo) in the basement that I graciously offered two years ago when we bought this house. Okay, it is an unfinished basement with no central heat or air conditioning. The ac is not an issue for him. It's the lack of heat. He's always cold. (Note blanket on chair). Husband is from Michigan, so buck up baby, and deal with the space heater I bought for you! He has a lovely view of our backyard with the kids trampoline and most likely piles of dog poop. Note to self: clean up dog poop today.

I'm moving my studio downstairs to a room with no bloody windows, therefore, no view of the yard, trampoline and dog poop. Am I complaining? No. Will I miss the bay window overlooking my beautiful yard ( in my current office/studio)?
Absolutely. Am I upset? No, because I can do whatever I want in my studio and keep it anyway I want. Messy, neat or a little of both. I bet anyone a $1 that once I move downstairs in my new, cool studio, husband will be downstairs using his office. Do I care there is no heat? Hell no! I'm warm most of the time.

I took over the front room in our house because I thought it was the best place at the time. Things have changed. I need a place to hammer, drill and solder. Sometimes I like to hammer at night after the kids are in bed and the daughter has told me to please stop, she can't get to sleep. Not good! Hence, the moving downstairs. I'm constantly stressed about keeping this room tidy, these pictures are my feeble attempt.

Whether you like it or not, I will take you on my journey to finish m
y new jewelry studio. My brother put up the drywall and showed me how to "mud". Now I must sand, mud again, sand, clean up all the crap in the room, prime and finally - paint!!!!

To be continued ....


Gaston Studio said...

Oh, that's a pic of my good looking son in law!

I think you've made absolutely the right decision to move your studio to the basement as it will give you more space, more privacy (if you can get any with a husband and two kids in the house) and I won't worry about you burning the house down in your present studio... with carpet on the floor!

Love, Mom

P.S. And know you know how to mud drywall! That's my kid, learning something new all the time!

Fiona said...

sounds like an exciting project!! you can come "mud" at my house next! lol

pam said...

Your studio is going to be awesome.

Nice to be meeting you!


Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Thanks Mom!
Fiona, I'm not sure you would want me to mud at your house, lol!
Thanks Pam, keep watching for the transition pictures.

cherry said...

can't wait to see it finished your jewelery is beautiful!
How neat it is to see such talent in mom and daughter.

Thank you for stopping by I'll be checking in often.
Ya'll come to Savannah it's just like ya'll left it
hugs, Cherry