Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My mom, the blogger.

I know so many family bloggers, usually moms and daughters, or sisters. We women are the creative ones and love to talk, right?

I have learned many "new" things about my mom from reading her blog. She swears she's told me these little stories before, but I guess my memory has gone to the toilet, because I swear, I've never heard them before.

Take for example her recurring dream, you can read it here. It gave me the heebee, geebees when I read it. I wasn't surprised, she's always telling me things that send goosebumps up my arms. Like the fact that there's a poltergeist living in her house, it's a huge 100 year old house with creeky floors. My sister, who lives there as well (my mom and sister share this huge old house in Kinston, NC), says the same thing. This drives me nuts! I don't want to know! They think its funny and fascinating, I don't.

I'm the chicken that still cannot look at a fly the same way, after seeing the original movie "The Fly" when I was a tween. If I remember correctly, mom and dad were out for the evening, and my aunt was babysitting and she loves scary movies. So we watched it. OMG! That was the most horrific movie I had seen up to that point in my young life. I've had nightmares ever since. It took me years to get over seeing "Alien" when I was 18. Now, it fascinates me and I've seen all the "Alien" movies with Sigourney Weaver.


Gaston Studio said...

Well daughter, I am POSITIVE I told you about that particular recurring dream and even showed you the photo that "Ivan" gave me!

Since you won't let me tell you about our poltergeist, I guess that means I also can't tell you about Kathi's poltergeist either, huh? And he's really cool! He plays with her cats at night!

Missy said...

Totally can not do The Fly. And now Jeff Goldblum is going to be on Law & Order Criminal Intent. I can not look at him without seeing him snap some guys forearm bone out of his skin while arm wrestling. Gross.

Missy (over in the poltergeist free zone)

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessories said...

Missy, I know what you mean about Jeff G. he's such an incredible actor, but he's character in "The Fly" freaked me out totally. I try to remember him in "Independence Day" or "Jurassic Park".
Love your blog, by the way.