Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin go braugh!

It's 7:33am and I know first hand the Irish party-goers in Savannah, GA have been going at it for sometime.

How would I know? Many years ago, as a young Lass growing up in Savannah, my friends and I would begin the day with green eggs, green bagels, green beer and any thing else dyed green to begin a fun filled St. Patrick's Day. We would make our way to Riverstreet and meet up with other friends and family members. If you weren't wearing green, you'd be pinched! I was covered head to toe! It's all about the wearing, eating, drinking and celebrating of the green.

St. Paddy's Day is an event not to be missed in Savannah, it is one of the biggest celebrations in the United States. The parade is something special every young child should witness. Have I taken my kids to Savannah for St. Paddy's day? No. Maybe next year. Even though Savannah literally shuts down for this special day, other cities don't and its hard taking children out of school to go party on Riverstreet with their parents.

According to the Savannah Visitors and Convention Bureau, 400,000 visitors are expected for the 3-hour parade on March 17, traveling from all over to celebrate this month long event. No, its not a one day event, Savannah celebrates all month.

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1 comment:

Gaston Studio said...

You said it lassie, Savannah is the place to be on St. Patrick's Day... if you're younger and have the stamina.

Your photos bring back lots of memories to this Savannah born lass and brings tears to my eyes.