Friday, March 06, 2009

Goody bags at birthday parties.

This has bugged me for years, what insane mother started giving goody bags to their child's birthday guest when they leave the birthday party? Are you kidding me? This has never made sense to me. The birthday child is the guest of honor. The children invited to the party should not be given gifts for attending a friend's birthday party. The "gift" of friendship should be enough. Are we teaching our kids they should for friendship? Think about it.

I especially don't like the junk that is typically in a
goody bag. Usually plastic trinkets and candy that probably cost the parents a small fortune. How, pray tell, do I know filling goody bags can cost a small fortune? Because I have been there, done that! I have purchased little crap from the party companies and taken great pain choosing neat stuff and have spent upwards of $15 per bag. Kid's birthday parties are so outrageously expensive (read - over the top) why spend additional money when it isn't unnecessary.

Why did I do this? Because everybody does it and I didn't want anyone thinking less of me for
not doing it. Well now I say, forget about it! And if you are going to think less of me, so be it. You and I probably wouldn't have been BFF anyway.

So enough with the
goody bags! Kids are already on a sugar high when they leave the party, they don't need extra candy from the goody bag. The children may play with the plastic trinket for a minute, or less, then the parents are left picking up plastic trinkets from the car floor or pulling them out of the vacuum.

Okay, I'm finished with my
rant, what do you think?

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Gaston Studio said...

Finally, someone has spoken out about a trend that I think certainly isn't good for the kids overall. Good on you for deciding to say 'no'!