Saturday, March 07, 2009

Green for Spring

I was happy to see this post titled "Green is trending for Spring" as anyone who knows me, knows I love the color green. I especially love the green trench coat Angie featured on Nordstrom website priced at $128. There is a red one featured on the same page that caught my eye because red is my all time favorite!

I'll never forget a night a neighbor stopped by to purchase a gift, naturally I had all my jewelry on display in the dining room (the life of a WAHM selling her wares from her house). After Janie (not her real name), perused the jewelry, she commented with a giggle "You really like the color green". I cracked up, walked over and sure enough, I had many one of a kind jewelry pieces in various shades of green. Not everyone likes green.

When we moved back to Atlanta, I decided on a fresh grass green, Baize Green from Sherwin Williams, for my 2-story foyer, up the stairs and down the hallway. In this dining room I went with a slightly darker shade aptly named Great Green, above the chair rail and a darker shade, Leapfrog, below the chair rail. I love it and will probably never tire of it. My husband, not so much. After 20 months, he's never said he likes it. He's more of a blue guy!

You can find many shades of green in my handmade jewelry at Dee-Zigns. One of my favorites is the Josie Necklace shown below.

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Gaston Studio said...

OMG, those are beautiful greens! I wouldn't worry about whether hubby like them or not, aren't you the one who has to spend most of the day looking at the walls?