Thursday, March 19, 2009

Animals are creatures of habit.

Whoever said, "Animals are creatures of habit" sure knew a thing or two.

Case in point, after I kiss my kids and send them to the bus stop, my dog, Collins, and cat, Kitty go running to the kitchen. They are expecting their breakfast. I got into the habit of feeding them after the kids left for school and I had my second or third cup of coffee.

Collins is my male comrade and office/studio companion. He is truly a male in every way. Once he finishes his meals (two a day), he wants to go do "his business". I can set my clock by him. (she pauses) Sorry, had to go let Collins outside. He got ancy and gave me a quick "ruff" which means, stop typing now, turn around and come let me outside - now!

Kitty is our male cat, yes a male cat named Kitty. My daughter named him, after a visit to my mother's house, which led to us adopting this sweet little guy. At that time, my mom had three cats of her own, and didn't want a fourth. Mom acquired Kitty after rescuing him from several large dogs. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Fresh victims were about to enter the adoption zone... my kids and I! Erika fell in love immediately and wanted to take him home. Mom had no offers, so after several days of Kitty cuddling with me, I caved. See the picture of Kitty sitting in the light box I set up to take jewelry photos for my website. Click on the photo to enlarge and you'll see the necklace peeking out from under his bottom. He's a typical male, always trying to get my attention. :)

After Kitty eats, he is ready to aggravate Collins! He's such a tease and dances around my legs which makes Collins nuts. So they start the game and eventually must be sent out of the room. The chase is on, up the front stairs, down the hall, down the back stairs. That 9 lb. cat sounds like a herd of elephants. Collins, at 82 lbs. always sounds like a herd.

They crack me up and make me smile. Animals, you gotta love 'em.

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Gaston Studio said...

Collins is a beauty! Does Kitty have personality issues being male and having a 'female' name?

Pets are part of our family as they obviously are with yours. Wish all people felt the same way!

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