Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Weird Wednesday!

I had an extremely weird dream last night. My cat saw a very large hamster gerbil guinea pig in the house. If that wasn't wacky enough, because we don't own one of these rodents pets I watched as my sweet little cat "Kitty" took him down! Kitty went to this freaky looking thing, pounced, bit him on the neck like a vampire and left him belly up. Another very strange ingredient to this already, weird and wacky dream, Kitty didn't look like my current cat Kitty, he looked like Romeo, my long haired black and white cat that died suddenly several years ago. Was Romeo trying to tell me something in my dream?

But wait, that's not the end of it, my dream continues, as I walk outside to look for my husband, children and my 80 lb. dog, but I froze in a panic because staring at me from many tree branches were these extremely large guinea pigs with evil eyes, it was like a scene from Alfred Hitchcocks' movie "The Birds. The obvious difference, the "birds" in my movie dream were guinea pigs. Large ones. With evil eyes.

Could it be I've seen Adam Sandler's movie "Bedtime Stories" too many times? Could it be my mom Gaston Studio is rubbing off on me with her paranoia about snakes and roaches?

On a different note, I was blown away when lil Kim and Derek were voted off "Dancing with the Stars" last night! Poor Ty, he looked just as surprised as everyone else. I was disappointed hearing the boos from the audience, that's not nice. I feel very weird about this, I didn't vote, yet again, and now I'm feeling like it was my one vote that caused the better dancer to be voted off! The only way to redeem myself is to vote next week.


Michel said...

No. It is well known that hamsters, mice, rats AND gerbils are godless killing machines and are simply waiting until you are unprotected.

You should move and maybe get a bigger kitty.

Gaston Studio said...

Oh, I miss Romeo! He was so sweet, and I miss Cookie and Wendy and Hannah and Sami and Merlin... but I don't miss that damn gerbil you and Sandi had that used to eat all my plants down to the nub!


Beth said...

Weird dream. We got hamsters for the boys when they were little and one of the hamsters killed the other. So, I released the godless killing hamster to the wild and got a chinchilla. Chinchillas are incredibly cute and friendly.

You should get your kids a chinchilla. That might be better than voting for dancers.

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Michel, you crack me up! Remember the movie "Ben" about all those crazy rats? Clearly, I've watched too many horror movies in my past.
Mom, I miss all our sweet cats too.
Beth, that's pretty weird about one of the hamsters killing the other. I've never heard of that, but then again, I'm no expert at hamster stuff ;).