Saturday, May 23, 2009

Small Talk Six

While visiting, I saw this post and thought it was a nifty idea, yes, nifty and thrifty. Why you ask? Hmmmm...

Maybe its because these two women (let's pretend its me and my BFF - you know who you all are!) are sitting at a table (let's pretend it's at Starbucks), drinking cups of coffee (again, pretending Starbucks) and one is eating a piece of cake (let's pretend its Michel since she is so completely obsessed with cake not like other friends of mine, but she's my blogging BFF, so its all fair).

I just had to play along because its also about one of my favorite things, the beach, ocean, heaven, (whatever you want to call it).

Name 6 things you love or hate about the ocean. This is so easy, I could do it with my eyes closed, thrifty, yes?

1. I love how the sand feels between my toes and how relaxing it is.
2. I love the relaxing sounds of the waves lapping against the shoreline and the squawking of the seagulls overhead - it puts me in a coma.
3. I love how easily entertained my kids are at the beach and how they love it as much as I do.
4. I love walking on the beach picking up sea shells and various other strange treasures.
5. I love ocean sunsets, they are simply the best.
6. I hate jellyfish, 'nuff said.


Michel said...

OMG I am totally famous..and how on earth did you know that I love cake??

I also love the beach!!

I hate jellies too!! You, me...same same!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I had to let an acceptable amout of time pass after MY birthday before I acknowledged anyone else's ... you know...normal selfish shit!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

Me too. I don't even have to play now because you just wrote it all for me. We ARE twins. I know it. Talk to your mom and see if she gave me up for adoption. I know I was the ugly one.

Gaston Studio said...

Yep, you pretty much said it all for me too. But, I'd have to add walking on the beach at night 'cause I just love that.

P.S. I don't think I gave Smart Mouth up for adoption, I thought I just left her with some friends for a few days.

Shari@aPsychMommy said...

Ocean sunsets are absolutely gorgeous, aren't they! Sometimes we go to the beach just to hit the sunset. And based on Michel's comment, I gather it's your birthday, so wishing you a happy birthday today!

Gaston Studio said...

Tag (this is another one) you're it!

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Michel - Yes, you are totally famous, happy?

Smart Mouth - LOL, the ugly one? I don't think so... I'll ask mom.

Gaston/Mom - Oooh, yes! Walking on the beach at night, love that! But I must have a flashlight because I don't like the feel of those ghost crab things running across my feet!

Shari/Psych - Thank you, I appreciate that!