Monday, February 01, 2010

This can't be the end!

I know this is the final season of my favorite tv show, the only tv show I truly can't miss, the only tv show I care about, and there are a hell of a lot of tv shows. But generally, I could care less about watching tv unless its "Lost".

Here are some of the many, many reasons why:

Sawyer - Need I say more? Oh, and he's from Georgia.
Jack - Stop drinking and make an honest woman of Kate.
Kate - You belong with Jack. Juliet needs Sawyer.
Hurley - Dude, love you man!
Charlie - Hurley misses you, dude, and so do I.
Sayid - He's very resourceful.
Locke - Mostly felt sorry for him, except now, he creeps me out.
Claire - I want Charlie to come back, find and marry Claire and raise Aaron.
Sun - She and Jin deserve happiness. Earned my respect after she stood up to her father.
Jin - He's so sweet, loves Sun and learned to speak English.
Desmond - See you in another life, brother! As long as Penny's with you.
Ben - OMG, he is the creepiest of them all. I try to feel sorry for him, but no can do.
Frank - No, you're not going to Guam.
Miles - When's he's not communicating with the dead, he's pretty darn funny!
Richard - Just tell us how old you are!

Smoke monsters, polar bears, spooky cabins, dead people, lots of dead people... what a ride!

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Gaston Studio said...

I can't wait for tomorrow night when the last season debuts... the last season, I don't even want to sayh that out loud!