Friday, November 20, 2009

Cell phones taking over?

Today I'm sad,
  • Not by the weather, because it's gorgeous in Atlanta, clear blue sky and chilly air.
  • Not by the clean clothes piled up on the guest bed, where the hell is Rosie the Robot when you need her?
  • Not by my son's poison ivy all over his sweet little face.
  • Not by the lack of sales on my website.
  • Not by the pounds I've acquired from my kid's blasted Halloween candy haunting me from the pantry. (Well, damnit, I am sad and mad about this.)
  • Not by the muddy areas in my backyard from the floods that don't appear to dry out.

Today I'm sad,
  • By the lack of customer service in America. No wonder people are shopping more and more online. Now, don't get me wrong, this is a good thing, but possibly because people are sick of taking the time to find a parking space, walk into a store and receiving lousy customer service or no customer service at all. This is if, they actually acknowledge you've walked into the store.
  • By the lack of people thinking their relationship with their cell phone is more important that a face to face relationship, and talking with their children. How pathetic, really.
  • By the lack of families sitting together at the dinner table, without cell phones, without the tv, and having a real conversation. 15-20 minutes isn't too much time to give to your family, is it?
  • By the lack of people being on time for appointments. Are you so damn important that your time is more important than mine?
  • By the lack of peace and quiet while grocery shopping, (at any public place, for that matter) because some self absorbed nutcase is talking so loudly on their bloody cell phone, about their personal issues. Hello... I can hear you and so can everyone else! Don't you have any morals or integrity?
  • By people talking on their cell phone, while in a check-out line and not being courteous enough to the check-out clerk to end their call. What are they afraid of? Talking to someone.
  • By people driving up to a drive thru window, with the bloody cell phone at their ear, talking away, and not being courteous to the attendant at the drive thru window.

What's it going to take for people to behave like the civilized society we say we are?

What's it going to take to slow down?

What's it going to take for people to be courteous and kind, again?

What's it going to take for people to smile, again?

What's it going to take to connect to your children?

What's it going to take to put down that bloody cell phone and turn it off?


Suzy said...

What it takes is the rest of us to speak up. I've done it twice and gotten yelled at by the TALKER on the cell phone twice (One called me a bitch in front of the entire post office and everyone was on my side and said nothing) The other one apologized to me in a doctor's office. I will risk getting yelled at to get my peace restored.

Once I was shopping and a woman standing RIGHT next to me was talking so loud on her cell. I was stunned. RIGHT NEXT TO ME.

Finally I said to her, "I'm not interested in your life; could you please take your phone and move and let me shop in peace?" And she did, no yelling.

So speak up America! Or the Rudies will win!!

Gaston Studio said...

Darn good post, babe!

Okay, Suzy pretty much already said what I would have but I'll just one tiny thing: the keyword is "speak up"! If we all don't start speaking up about the things that drive us crazy, it'll just get worse and we'll get crazier.

Maybe cell phones should only be issued with licenses, like cars, etc., and with apps that cut the caller off if used disrespectively.

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Suzy, those are truly appalling incidences, but sad to say, not surprising.

I'll start verbally speaking up instead of the dirty looks and body language that I give them :). Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Mom, I like your idea of cell phone apps that cut the caller off if used disrespectively.