Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My escapee... Kitty!

A few weeks ago, the weather was getting cooler, so I opened the kitchen window to let the fresh air in. I forgot I'd taken out the screen - because I don't like looking through screens and Collins had put a few holes in the screen, but that's another story.

As I sat at the kitchen table, working on my laptop, I heard something rustling in the kitchen. My first thought, oh crap, a large bug is caught in the window blind and going to fly in. As I got up a
nd walked in, here's what I saw! (photo #1)

Obviously Kitty waited until he got my attention, I mean look at him looking at me and posing. Paw up and ready.

Then, (photo #2) he slips through just before I could grab his leg! Believe you me, I tried grabbing it, even with camera in hand!

Ta da! He's so proud of himself, as I take this picture hanging out the open window. (photo #3)

His goal? To hang out on the deck soaking up the glorious fresh air. Poor, deprived Kitty.

His silliness and mischievousness keeps me on my toes. Like when he sat on the furniture while Erika and I struggled to move it across the room. He seemed quite full of himself adding his extra 9 lbs. to the heavy wood furniture. Or jumping on the mattress while I'm stretching the fitted sheet across. Or walking across my workspace while both hands are occupied with pliers, so I can't knock him off! Hint, if you make jewelry and have beads and numerous other elements scattered across your table, do not, I repeat, do not try to knock off your cat, or scare him, or yell at him. I did this. Trays toppled over, beads and other components went everywhere. Huge mess. Huge.

Why oh why does he insist getting on these crowded table spaces, when he knows good well, there is not an inch of empty space to lay?
Seriously, does he find this comfortable!

Back to the escaping cat. Erika goes ballistic when he escapes, not sure what she imagines is going to happen to the little shit. But, in the past, there's been alligator tears and hyper ventilating (well, almost). She gets very upset, if one of us is careless enough to open the door too wide, or leave the door open for too long. So we open the door just wide enough to squeeze out, or stick our leg in the way so he doesn't see an opening. She has chased him all around the yard, generally shaking a can of cat treats, thinking that will lure him back into the comforts of our home, sleeping on Erika's bed.

This is his daily excitement and h
e loves it, he loves being chased and getting the attention. Especially when Erika does it... I don't chase him anymore. And now I make him wait at the door before I let him back in.

Take that Kitty!

What is it about indoor cats? They constantly try to escape the confines of their home. If you have an indoor cat, do you allow them outside?

P.S. Kitty was not harmed or mistreated in any way in preparation for this blog post. Unless you count very cold toes... tee hee.


Beth said...

My dog does the same damn thing (well, without the jumping out the window part) every chance she gets. I used to think she was a slow learner - now I think I am the slow one. :)

Gaston Studio said...

Kitty is a true cat... in that he'll do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. And he's so gorgeous!

Some great photos there, kiddo! Better not let Erika see them or she'll blame you for Kitty "escaping" to the deck.

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Beth that's so funny. Where does she want to go? My dog knows how good he has it, and doesn't attempt to leave!

Mom - Erika couldn't believe I had the window open with no screen in it.