Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Limited edition earrings, yes, I said limited.

Tis the season to be busy, and for me, that's making jewelry! I have so many ideas floating around in my head, yes, that's right, floating, that my hands cannot work fast enough.

Sure, the easy way would be to sketch my ideas, keep them all together, like in some sort of binder, duh, if they wouldn't turn out in a "stick figure" format, and you guessed it, I suck at Pictionary but I swear, I have zero talent for drawing. My mother, brother and daughter sucked up all that talent in our family. My sister and I are out of luck, in that department. Still waiting to see about my son, Blake, after all, he's only 7.

Pictured above are the limited edition earrings I've recently created using sterling silver and Swarovski glass pearls, the Addison Earrings. Yes, I watch "Private Practice", and enjoy Kate Walsh's character, Addison, an
d her impeccable sense of style.

I have 3 pairs available,
at Dee-Zigns, in each of the colors (photo, above left), green, pink and white only $18 each. There's also 1 pair, in maroon.

This is my first foray into limited edition jewelry. With the biggest shopping season approaching rapidly, I wanted to offer a beautiful pair of earrings, under $20, that would make an easy gift choice for the women in your life.

Swarovski is the renowned crystal manufacturer, but they are also regarded as the most magnificent crystal pearl manufacturer. Swarovski pearls start with a unique crystal core that is covered with an innovative pearlescent coating for a flawless, silky-smooth surface that resists cosmetics, chemicals and perfumes. I must say, the colors are incredib

I made these earrings using sterling silver oval links that I hammered, (because I love to hammer) to flatten them a bit, linked them together, then wire wrapped the Swarovski glass pearls in sterling silver and dangled them from the lower links. I then added them to my hand forged sterling silver ear wires. I prefer making my own earring findings i.e. ear wires, headpins, etc. that's what we call it in the jewelry making world, findings. Why? No clue. Maybe you find a head pin, put a bead on it, then hang it from the ear wire...


Suzy said...

I watch Private Practice too. Naming earings after her was really great.

Suzy said...

Left out an R.

Gaston Studio said...

What a great idea, offering limited edition jewelry! You may not draw very well, but you make fantastic jewelry!