Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Under the Weather...

Hi all, I've been under the weather this last week, so haven't been around :( to blog or visit all your wonderful blogs. I hate feeling bad, especially when its beautiful and sunny outside. My kids have been pretty bored, as you'll see in these pictures.

Blake has been playing games on the computer, and Erika is running around with my camera driving Collins and Kitty crazy.

The look on Kitty's face seems to say "hurry up already!".

Collins puts up with anything, he's such a happy dog and very thankful to be a part of this family. Erika put clothes on him, fortunately for him, is was only this red bandanna :).

One thing the kids did for me recently, was to help me paint my new studio. Two walls are concrete and the floor is concrete, and at first I was freaking out about how they were painting and I was getting a bit nuts and fussing at them. I stopped myself, and thought, wait a darn minute, they want to do this and its the basement! Its okay if its messy! Let them have fun and feel proud they have painted "mommy's studio". Once I chilled, everyone was happy, including me! I used a beautiful shade of green, that is also in my foyer and hallways on the main floor.

My husband was stopping by Home Depot, so I asked him to pick up a light fixture for my studio. Immediately, he had that weird look on his face. You know the look men get when you ask them if the pants you just purchased make your butt look big? And they stand there, not sure what to say, because they don't know whether you want your butt to look like "Beyonce's" or if you want it to look skinny.

So, after describing what I wanted, he reluctantly went off with thoughts of despair, because he wanted to help me out, but didn't want to choose the wrong thing and come home to find out its not what I was talking about. Haven't you noticed you can describe in detail, draw pictures of what you want, and inevitably men come home with something different. At least, mine does. Is he not listening, or does he feel he knows best?

Naturally, he came home with different light fixture, but I'm going to give it a try and see how it looks installed and turned on. If it gives me what I want, I'll keep it and have a happy husband, because I do know that he tried to do the right thing :).

Once I'm feeling better, I want everything moved, so I can begin organizing (that's a laugh) and setting up my jewelry studio. My mom and sister are visiting in a few weeks, so hopefully I can get most of it done before they arrive!


Suzanne Casamento said...

I came over from your mom's blog. She's quite a storyteller and from what I've read so far on your blog, it looks like you've inherited that gene!

I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy the studio!

Gaston Studio said...

AH HA! I knew it! You're going to put me and Sandi to work organizing aren't you? Aren't you? Drats!

Beth said...

Two things I want now - a studio and a basement!

Sounds awesome!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

How fun that the kids decorated the studio for you. Hope you're feeling better soon. Have fun with "our" mom and sister.

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

Susanne - Thanks for stopping in. I wish I was half the writer my mom is, but thank you so much for the compliment :).
Gaston/Mom - Me, put you two to work? Nah...
Beth - Now what would you do if you had a studio? Are you holding back on us?
Smart - I will have too much fun with "our mom & sister", lol.