Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You want to cut your hair?

You can imagine my shock when my 12 year old daughter asked for an appointment to get her haircut. Her hair was incredibly long and beautiful and she had been adamant over the years of only having a 1/2 inch cut at the time. She was so darn attached to her very long hair. Getting her to the hair salon was another issue, the whining (Erika), the crying (Erika), the frustration (me!). Pick your battles, they say. Yeah right!

She said she wanted to get about 3 inches cut, so while sitting in the chair, she told our hair stylist she wanted a lot cut off. As I watched Erika showing her how much, I could hardly believe it was more than 3 or 4 inches! I asked if it was enough to send in to Lots of Love, a non profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children. As Debbie, our hair stylist, ran to get a measuring tape, I watched Erika's smile spreading across her sweet face. Yes, there was 8 inches! Let's do it.

Erika was thrilled to get a new look and to donate her hair to help people dealing with cancer and losing their hair.

We ended up sending her "locks" to Pantene Beautiful Lengths beause when we looked up the Locks for Love website and discovered their requirements of 10 inches. But doing a search, we found Patene's website and relieved to discover their requirements were only 8 inches.

I encourage everyone with daughters to always talk about these programs, as its not that difficult, and when your child is ready to do this, they feel so good about themselves!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mind blowing clearance sale!

I've been house bound for too many days now. Snow fell in Atlanta, Georgia last week, schools closed, activities were cancelled, and people were freaking out. Not because it snowed, it didn't, really that was called sleet, in my opinion. If I can see my grass, its not snow.

Problem was not the "snow" but the ice that crippled our city. Atlantans do not have any business riding around on icy roads. We don't know how to drive on ice, black ice and ice covered hilly roads. The drivers I saw exploring for a
look-see at the "snow" and talking on their damn cell phones, and naturally, not paying attention to the black ice.

Okay, what the heck does all this have to do with a mind blowing clearance sale? Being house bound for 3 entire days makes a person clean closets, re-arrange kitchen cabinets, organize rooms and throw out crap... and while doing so, I kept walking past my jewelry studio thinking about the inventory I need to reduce. So wah-lah, a mind blowing clearance sale with so many of my handmade jewelry items
up to 50% off.

as low as $24
Earrings as low as $12
Bracelets as low as $17.50
and more!

For example, the Belle earrings to the right, originally $48, now at 40% off, sale price $28.80.
The Nahima bracelet to the left, originally $45, now at 50% off, sale price $22.50.

I know the huge holiday shopping season just passed, still, I must remind you the next looming gift buying occasion - Valentine's Day - in 35 days. Easter, Passover, first communions, christenings, graduations and the big one - Mother's Day is right around the corner. Don't hesitate, click now and go shop at Dee-Zigns Jewelry.

Please tell all your friends, family, co workers and anyone else you think would be interested in scoring cool deals on
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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!

Why must we wait for a new year to make changes?

I ask myself this question every new year's day.