Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Halloween Costumes and New Jewelry

Is anybody else sick of hearing about Halloween costume?
My kids have been talking about Halloween for 3 weeks! Shoot me now. Ever since the Halloween costume catalogues started arriving in our mailbox. Note to self: get the mail before the kids get home.

Way back when, we didn't have Halloween catalogues brimming with costumes. We actually had to use our noggins to dream up costumes to create out of nothing. Or visit Kmart and buy one of the prepackaged costumes with the plastic mask. The plastic masks were so hot, your face would steam up from your breathe. Remember those?

My son wants to be Harry Potter. That's easy enough, right? The robe, glasses and wand. Plastic wands are 8 or 10 bucks. Why can't he whittle a wand out of a stick? Oh yeah, because he cannot use a pocket knife. He's 7. What with all the explorer sticks out on my deck, I would think he could find a super cool wand out of that pile. This way, he's recycling and green. But, no, now he wants the broom, owl and other props after perusing the blasted catalogues! These costumes are ridiculously expensive too. For one night? I don't get it. If I'm buying a $50 costume, I want to see it out in public more than once.

The other spectrum is my daughter. "I don't know what I want to be", she says, several times a day. My idea, look in the back of your closet, and find the costume from last year - in mint condition! I have a nice, clean white sheet...

On another note, new jewelry! My kids are obsessed with Halloween costumes and I'm obsessed with new jewelry designs. I had to share these with you.

The necklaces on the right is made with dumorteriete, a deep blue gemstone considered to enhance organizational abilities and self-discipline. It is believed to release fear, bringing courage to one's life, and to boost creativity and expression. I should wear this one daily just to stay organized! Two beads are wire wrapped and hang from sterling silver chain and accent a round sterling silver pendant that has been hammered for texture. I love my hammers!

The necklace on the left is hand beaded with dyed mother of pearl nugget beads in a milk chocolate brown. I've added an oval sterling silver piece that I roller printed to add texture, then wire wrapped a blue turquoise nugget in sterling silver to dance atop the silver piece.

Look for these on the website by tomorrow. More to come...

Dusting off (again)...

When they say "time flies" they aren't kidding. What with school starting, revamping my website and creating new jewelry, I've neglected my blog, again.

As a virtual store owner, I'm always looking for ways to improve the shopping experience. Some shoppers likes to sit in pajamas, coffee in hand, and slowly browse. Other shoppers, have about a nano second to buy a gift. They know they need one, but they can't be bothered with slow loading pages, dark photos, not enough information, etc. I know you know what I'm talking about.

Stop by Dee-Zigns Jewelry, check out the changes. Ive added new jewelry designs, including the Hadley necklace.
I used Czech glass in a beautiful turquoise green color. What I love about this necklace, is the smooth feel of the rectangle glass beads and the pretty hook clasp that kind of looks like a clover, not a 4 leafed clover, like, who's ever found one of those? It also reminds me of a fleur de lis symbol. Regardless, I designed the necklace to wear the clasp in front, or asymmetrical (see photo) or in back (for those off you with short, sexy hair).

Beware though, wearing this gorgeous necklace asymmetrically will have your OCD friends, turning it around so it sits on your neck, or perfectly in front. Trust me, I've had this happen!

There are two pairs of earrings, and two bracelets, to match the Hadley necklace.