Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall is in Atlanta, hooray!

If you live in the South, you are probably enjoying the crisp, clear mornings we're experiencing. Seems as if Fall has arrived. The leaves are changing - possibly due to the drought in Georgia - or the approaching Winter season. Whatever the reason, I for one am in heaven!

A change in temperature, a change in color, clothing and accessories, makes me tingle all over.

Although Dee-Zigns Fall 2008 Collection is focused on black and white jewelry and bold, juicy colorful jewelry pieces, the cooler temperatures inspired the Tamryn necklace, bracelet and earrings. The stars of this one of a kind set is amazonite, laboradorite and Peruvian opal gemstones. An elegant combinations of cool colors and chunky sterling silver beads. This fine handcrafted jewelry set is one of a kind, so head over to Dee-Zigns now and buy them before someone else does.

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