Friday, August 25, 2006


I'm not really sure why I say that, because I know I will be working all weekend. Been working on new designs for fall, so will finish up and get them posted on the website this weekend.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Summer is ending?

I am in denial! It simply cannot be August 21st. Where has the summer gone? I remember a ton of fun, the 4th of July, lemonade stands, the pool, movies, bike riding, neighborhood bar-b-ques, visiting family and friends, popsicles, the beach... and speaking of the beach, we just returned from our family vacation on the North Carolina beaches. As much as I love and adore the beach, it revitalized my soul so that by the end of the week, all I could think about was creating new jewelry designs and getting ready for the glorious colors of fall.

My daughter begins school in a few days and I'm not ready. We haven't had enough fun.
I won't miss the heat, I'm ready for the change in temperature.

I've made quite a few changes to my "new" website and I hope you will shop soon My new collection, Teens-Young at Heart, was inspired by the beautiful and caring young teens living in my neighborhood. They are hard workers and go-getters, so I designed a line geared towards their own free spirit and soul. So thank you Erin!


Welcome to my blog and another home for me on the web. This is a new frontier, so bare with me while I get things sorted out.